Kyoto 6 Hours West
Kyoto 6 Hours West
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Price:   ¥27,000


A 6-hour highlights tour to cover the western part of Kyoto.


Tour Highlights

Bamboo Grove

Arashiyama and Sagano District

Arashiyama and Sagano District is located in the far western part of Kyoto City at the foot of mountains. The scenic area has been a pouular retreat since the Middle Ages and aristocrats enjoyed boating and viewing bamboo forest, cherry blossoms, and autumn leaves out here. THe atmosphere of that time still remains today.

Togetsu-kyo Bridge

"Togetsu-Kyo" literally means "Moon Crossing Bridge" with its length of 150m over Hozugawa River, making the moon look like crossing the river. The original bridge was built in 9th century and the current one is the one rebuilt in 1934.

Admission: Free

Tenryu-ji Temple

A Zen temple founded in 1339. This largest temple of its area is extremely famous for its finest garden in Kyoto. A UESCO World Heritage site.

Admission: ¥800/16 and over, ¥600/students (7 to 15)

Bamboo Grove

At the back of Tenryu-ji lies a picturesque walking path surrounded by bamboo, a top-rated scenic site in Kyoto. Forget the hustle and bustle and enjoy this serene atmosphere. Nonomiya Shirine is on the trail if you'd like a brief visit.

Admission: free

bamboo grove

Kinkaku-Ji Temple (also known as Golden Pavillion)

Quietly overlooking the pond, this three-storied temple is one of the most iconic spot in Kyoto. The golden building and the landscape makes a perfect harmony showing a classic feature of zen temple. The temple was originally built for Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu's villa, but was later converted to a Zen temple according to his will. Although looking neatly integrated, each floor is built in different styles.

Admission: ¥400/16 and over, ¥300/students (7 to 15)


Ryoan-ji Temple

Well-known for its zen rock garden, or dry landscape garden. The only 30 x 73 feet garden composed of fifteen stones and white pebbles is a representation of microcosm, giving different look every time you see it.

Admission: ¥500/16 and over, ¥300/students (7 to 15)

Tour Schedule

Operated on: Mon. through Sunday

Suggested Start Time: Between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.

Tour Duration: 6 hours

Tour Starts at: Your hotel or other form of accommodation*

Tour Ends at: Your hotel, or the last destination if you prefer

*Please contact us for remote start-off options


  • Local train and local bus*

*Guide may suggest the use of taxi considering tour schedule and number of guests in the party.


Tour fare per group (up to 6 guests): ¥25,000 (+ 8% consumption tax)


  • An English-speaking guide service provided during sightseeing and transfers
  • Guide's transportation (unless itinerary changed per customer's request)
  • Guide's admission (unless itinerary changed per customer's request)

Not included:

  • Transportation
  • Admission
  • Meal

Required expenses:

  • Admission: shown at each tour highlight destination above
  • Transportation: approx. ¥1,500 yen/person depending on where the tour starts


  • Every tour is arranged per each request regardless of the number of guest in a group up to 6 and there won't be any mixed group.

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