How to Order?

tagHow to order your private walking tour

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1.  Select your walking tour

You may have come to our site through search-engine using specific searchwards contained in our tour description or maybe just wanted some packaged private tour. Either way, explore the site and look for the tour that best suits your interest. Once you found the one, please read through the tour description to make sure it is the one you were looking for. Pictures associated with the tour may help you visualize the tour.


2.  Request availability and receive confirmation #

Our tours are not regularly scheduled and conducted, but are arranged according to our customers request. Since each tour has dedicated interpreter-guide, it is necessary that our customers check the availability of the guide. Please let us know through the inquiry page with all the necessary information such as desired date/time, meet-up point, numbers of guest...etc. Once we receive your inquiry, we will check the availability of the guide and let you know in 48hrs. If the tour can be set up for you, we will inform you of the confirmation number with which you can place your tour order.

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3.  Place your order with the confirmation #

Once you received your confirmation number, please place your order within a few days. We will hold the reservation up to 6 days. Once it goes beyond that limit, the confirmation number is subject to expiration.

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4.  Make the payment

We kindly ask all our customers to make the payment prior to the tour. The tour cannot be delivered without the prior payment. Payment can be made using PayPal or major credit cards.


5.  You're all set!